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Kathryn Starke, author of Amy's TravelsAmy's Travels is a fun children's book based on a true story, and teaches geography, culture, and diversity of our world through the world of the young Amy.

Kathryn Starke the author worked as a second grade teacher, and at the beginning of one school year was working to get her students excited about geography. From the uninterested stares of her students, she knew the class wasn’t into the lesson. So Starke got to thinking, and starting narrating tales of Amy’s travels to see if the stories would spark her students’ interest. The students quickly got hooked on listening to Amy’s travels, and after a few lessons and seeing her students’ avid new interest in geography, Starke decided she would publish a book.  

Starke’s book Amy’s Travels follows Amy as she travels around the world and spends time in different continents. The book is being read in homes and schools in over 20 countries. The California State Department of Education has the book on its “multicultural text” list. Additionally, the Latin Ballet of Virginia recently turned the book into a musical which will soon go on tour.

Amy travels on her wonderful journey to all seven continents on earth.  Traveling to brand new places is one of the most exciting ways to learn.  Amy's Travels takes readers on a trip they will never forget. This educational resource contains lesson plans that meet elementary school social studies standards. A book guide for parents and teachers is also available. Visit Creative Minds Publications online to download the guide.

Amy’s Travels also has a Skype program where classrooms can interact with other classrooms around the globe who are reading the book.

Recommended read aloud book: Ages 4-8
Independent Reading: Ages 8-10 (mainly used in K-5th grades)
26 pages
ISBN: 9780976973737
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