• Holiday Ornament: Aztec Calendar
  • Holiday Ornament: Aztec Calendar

Darlene Tenes

Holiday Ornament: Aztec Calendar


Darlene TenesA glass hand painted Aztec holiday tree ornament which not only fits perfectly with the theme of ushering the new year, it also looks beautiful in holiday decorations. The Aztec calendar was used not only by the Aztecs, but also by other Pre-Columbian peoples of Central Mexico. The calendar consists of 365 calendar days in a year (the agricultural year) and a 260 day ritual cycle (the sacred calendar). Together these two cycles make up a 52 year century called the “calendar round”.  The ornament comes with a luxury gift box and a legend card sharing the history behind the design.

Size: 3.5 inches

About the artist: Darlene Tenes is the artist behind the Latin inspired, culturally relevant holiday tree ornaments. She is a San Francisco area based entrepreneur. Tenes runs her company CasaQ and is a food writer, cooking instructor, and television presenter. Her Latin inspired ornaments have been featured as gifts on the Latin GRAMMY’s® and are treasured keepsakes in homes around the country.

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