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    Açai: Superfood or Just Food? I'm Still Deciding...

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    Açai: Superfood or Just Food? I'm Still Deciding...


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    Posted in Snacks by on January 25, 2013

    It looks sort of like a blueberry, comes from Brazil, and has been touted for curing everything from the cold to ending wrinkles.  But what is Açai all about?  I wanted to find out, as I’ve been hearing so many claims about it (because I mean – if it can stop wrinkles – and end this cold I have…well I’m ON IT!).

    If you’ve never heard of Açai, you’re not alone.  I hadn’t until this hotel bar I visit started selling freeze dried Açai liquor ice cream (you know – like dipping dots – only Açai flavored  colored).  I started doing research on them – as I’m looking for something I might like more than blueberries.  (I’ve recently started eating blueberries – but honestly – I’m not the biggest fan.  But after reading this article a few years ago -there were more pictures - when they published the article originally - and the guy really hadn't changed that much in 40 years! Their point was he looked so young because he ate lots of blueberries and exercised.) - it really impressed upon me on why I should eat blueberries and look to consume foods with antioxidants in them…still doesn’t mean I like ‘em though.)

    So I figured, maybe if I ate some Açai foods, I could stop with the blueberry stuff…

    Anyways, so what’s the verdict?

      I’m not sure yet.  I found lots of websites touting the value of Açai, but other studies show that the antioxidant levels in Açai are about the same as those found in orange juice and cranberry juice, and less than the antioxidant levels found in say…a glass of red wine or grape juice. 

    The picture to the right is of Açai pulp as it’s commonly made in Brazil.  Looks a little gloppy but...

    They eat it with fruit and granola toppings.  What do you guys think?  Blueberries or
    Açai…I know I’m still working on my opinion…

    -Thalia Valencia


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