Product Listing FAQ

Products: should be of interest to the Hispanic community and/or Latino inspired.  Email us at

To get started selling

  • Send a few pictures of your product(s) to, we'll reply within a week and set up your account if approved
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Address (We use this to mail your sales checks)

    Seller Fulfillment

    • 5% item sales fee (item(s) shipped within 72 hours)
    • 15% item sales fee (item(s) shipped after 72 hours)
    • No listing fee - your product is listed until you request it to be removed
    • Providing great service to our customers is priority, and we want to ensure items are shipped promptly to all customers.  You will only be charged 15% if the item is shipped after the 72 hours.  If item is shipped within 72 hours, only the 5% fee applies.
    • Customers pay $3.99 shipping fee on each order (for most orders within the Continental U.S.) under $30.  As a seller we refund you the $3.99 for each single order you ship yourself (under $30). If the sale is a split order, we will divide the shipping fee with the other seller. Please price accordingly.

    Seller Fulfillment - What happens once I make a sale?

    • We'll send you an email with your customer shipping information
    • We recommend shipping with a tracking number to ensure you can track your shipments.  USPS and any of the major shipping services (DHS, FedEx, etc) provide this service.
    • When you ship - take a picture of the package and tracking - email it to and we'll let your seller know it's on the way
    • We'll send you a check


    • sends checks to seller's once a month starting on the 10th of every month

    Sales Example

    You have a $10 product for sale.  It sells to a customer for $10 (plus $3.99 shipping.)
    Your profit: $9.50 item sales fee: .50 cents
    You receive $9.50+$3.99 = $13.49

    How many items can I list on

    We'll start out your account with 5-10 items.

    Seller Fulfillment - What if I'm on vacation and(or) can't send items in 72 hours?

    •  You will not be charged the 15% fee on items shipped after 72 hours with prior notice.  Email and we'll make note on your profile to advise buyers when a potential purchase might ship and/or we'll put your account on hold until you return.
    • If item is sent after 72 hours on 3 different occasions, fees will increase to 25% and your products may be removed from the site at the discretion of Fulfillment

    • shall be mailed to the warehouse for fulfillment at the seller's cost
    • will be stored at no cost at the warehouse
    • will be shipped as they sell to the consumer, a 30% fulfillment fee will be charged to seller on each item sold (this includes credit card, storage, picking and customer shipping)
    • Email to get started

    If seller no longer wants to sell on

    • Email and we'll remove your listing
    • If is providing fulfillment, products will be shipped back to seller at seller's cost