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    Celebrate Summer Art at the New Lewis Studio, Coconut Grove

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    Celebrate Summer Art at the New Lewis Studio, Coconut Grove


    Posted in Cultura by on July 30, 2012

    Miami, FL July 26, 2013...Arts for Learning Miami (A4L) presents, "Celebrate Summer Arts 2012 Summer Student Showcase" a free, community, open-house event and art exhibition featuring the works of students enrolled in the inaugural summer camp program at the Lewis Arts Studio, Coconut Grove.  The celebration will take place on Saturday, August 4, 2012 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.  The event is free and the community and media are invited.  Lewis Arts Studio, 101 Grand Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

    Formerly housed in the Little Haiti Cultural Center, A4L has relocated to a new facility that enables middle school students, from throughout Miami-Dade County as well as elementary school students enrolled at the Barnyard after-school program, access to intensive visual arts study.  The event will celebrate the 4th year of the Lewis Arts Studio, a program made financially possible through the Jonathan D. Lewis Foundation.

    Commenting on the benefits of the new studio, Teaching Artist, Jenny Llewellyn Jones comments, "This space is organic and flexible.  We are not in one contained space, but many smaller connected ones.  This space allows for so much more integration of the groups of students as well as allowing for individual investigations.  And, being so close to each other, in such an open space, sparks student curiosity in a way that we have not had before."  Llewellyn also notes that being able to work on walls and not just tables gives students an opportunity to work like professional artists.

    Lewis Arts Academy returns for its fourth summer of intensive visual arts study.  A dedicated group of middle school students receive a crash course in portfolio development, working daily on improving their drawing and painting skills with Llewellyn and Abdiel Acosta.  In the afternoons, the students split into two groups and work with either Loriel Beltran on sculpture or create a film with Joseph Grant

    "The Lewis Arts Studio expands these students beyond skill building.  Not only do the students get the techniques, but the program is such an eye opener- to have a better vision of what it means to be an artist, to find their own way of artistic expression," concludes Llewellyn.  "This program develops them as a whole artist, not just one assignation (drawer, sculptor, painter, etc.)  This is not just learning a linear progression of skills - there is learning skills as well as group dynamics, finding your own voice, and what's out there in the community."

    For more information on the Lewis Arts Studio, call Dia Carter Webb at 305.576.1212 *24 or email

    A4LLewisArtsStudio2: At the new Lewis Arts Studio in Coconut Grove, being able to work on walls and not just tables gives students an opportunity to work like professional artists.

    Media Contact: Lisa Morales, A4L Public Relations Representative,    786.205.2838

    A4L Onsite Media Contact: Dia Carter Webb, Senior Program Director, 305.576.1212 *23

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