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    Riveting New Memoir about Growing Up in Spanish Harlem

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    Riveting New Memoir about Growing Up in Spanish Harlem


    Posted in Cultura by on November 06, 2012

    Riveting New Memoir about Growing Up in Spanish Harlem, NYC

    In a mice-infested tenement in Spanish Harlem, a young girl finds solace in the pages of classic novels and tattered photographs of distant horizons. With her mind’s eye focused on her personal visions, she takes chances against overwhelming odds, because some things happen only once in a lifetime.

    Kissimmee, Fl – August 8, 2012– Isabel’s Hand-Me-Down Dreams is the autobiography of a girl uprooted from Puerto Rico to El Barrio in New York at the age of three. Isabel and her siblings are raised by their temperamental mother and nurturing grandmother in a stifling, claustrophobic upbringing that paradoxically fosters her imagination. Without support and guidance in a teeming metropolis where few understand their language and culture, Isabel learns to rely on her inner strength to overcome adversity against reason and others' discouragement. The roads she takes are paved with fated events as she forges forward with blind faith, unaware that her childhood fantasies would eventually be recaptured in the crowning pages of her own life story.

    Told with panache and comedic flair and saturated with the color and vibrancy of life in El Barrio in the turbulent sixties and spirited seventies, Isabel immerses us in her proud cultural heritage while asserting her conviction that it’s never too late to find happiness.

    With just a handful of literary works that do not indulge in the underbelly of the Nuyorican experience, this book mainly addresses the thirty million bilingual and English-dominant Hispanics who long for a story that is culturally and personally relevant and can ignite long forgotten memories. It is a story that can encourage, empower and give hope to young adults from similar backgrounds. Elements of chica-lit sassy humor and surprising twists make it an enjoyable read for anyone.

    Patrick Fox, author of Trinity, wrote, “I lost myself in this and became totally immersed in Isabel’s world. It is beautifully written, and in places it reminded me of Angela’s Ashes in the way I could hear, see and almost taste her New York.”

    Isabel’s Hand-Me-Down Dreamsis available for online purchase at in paperback and Kindle versions and at Barnes & Noble.

    About Isabel López

    This is Isabel Lopez’s first book. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, she lives in Florida with her husband, Michael.

    For more information aboutISABEL’S HAND-ME-DOWN DREAMS, please visit or e-mail

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