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    10/2 Comida Caliente Ladies Cook Calabazita

    October 2, 2013 ( Take a moment and check out the hottest new reality show featuring Latinas and food "Comida Caliente". Their newest webisode is above.

    "Sucking Bones" - The head chef in charge, Dene, is joined by her beautiful daughters (Danielle, Stefani & Dianna) in the kitchen where we are introduced to one of her favorite Mexican dishes - Calabazita. Get to know each one of The Vara ladies, how they rate their cooking skills, and why no one should underestimate the flavor of a good bone. With fresh served food and spicy conversations, anything is bound to heat up in this kitchen! **Extra Bonus Feature** Dene's famous delicious Sangria!


    Posted in Food by on October 03, 2013

    (VIDEO):Sept 27th Debut: Reality Style Online Mexican Cooking Show Featuring Vara Family

    New Hispanic reality show will be premiering shortly.  Comida Caliente featuring the Vara family is debuting soon!  See the above video for a trailer of the new reality style online cooking show.


    Comida Caliente Is a New Digital TV Reality Style Cooking Show Starring The Vara Family
    And Will Feature Authentic Mexican Recipes

    Houston, Texas -- September 11, 2013 -- It’s been a few months in the making and now Comida Caliente, a new reality style online cooking show, is ready to debut its first worldwide episode.

    On Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 8pm EDT/7pm CST Comida Caliente, sponsored by Goya, will premiere on the show's dedicated YouTube Channel - There will also be an advance premiere screening of Comida Caliente on Friday, September 27th in Houston, TX where invited guests and media will get to meet the cast of the show and enjoy light fare and exclusive cocktails courtesy of Goya, Baileys, Don Julio, and Curls. VIP guests will also receive gift bags. Produced by TWELVE18 Media, and Executive Produced by Stefani Vara & Maureen Aladin, Comida Caliente features Mexican matriarch Dene and her three daughters Danielle, Stefani, and Dianna Vara, with the family kitchen serving as the backdrop for spicy conversations and really good food. For 8 weeks, beginning every Tuesday on October 1st at 8pm EDT/7pm CST, viewers will be introduced to these witty ladies, while they whip up traditional Mexican dishes over non-traditional and entertaining conversations. “We are a very relatable family and each week, you will get to peak into our lives and see the bond that lies between us,” says Stefani Vara. “Of course we may fight and not always see eye to eye but that’s every family,” adds Dianna, the youngest of the three sisters.


    Danielle, the eldest daughter has a family of her own and is no stranger to cooking. Stefani, the middle sister is busy establishing herself in a music career and jet-setting around the world. Dianna is the youngest sister of the three and still finding her way with love. Mama Dene is loving but very straight-forward in her approach with her daughters, with an infectious sense of humor. When these four ladies get together; you can only expect the unexpected! Comida Caliente was filmed in Houston, Texas, where the family resides, and is the first of a series of International reality style cooking shows that will be presented by TWELVE18 Media.


    TWITTER: @Comida_Caliente
    INSTAGRAM: @comidacaliente
    USE THE SOCIAL MEDIA HASHTAG: #comidacaliente and TWEET us about the show!

    Posted in Food by on September 12, 2013

    Industry Spirits Leader Wins "Legalize Cachaca" Movement

    SAO PAULO, Feb. 25, 2013 / -- On February 25th, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) will finally "legalize cachaca," as they publish a final rule that will recognize Brazil's national spirit as an official spirit and a distinctive product of Brazil.

    Leblon led efforts through social media and nightlife events, collecting over 300,000 signatures, to bring the petition to Congress. They also held frequent rallies and directly lobbied the TTB to pass the new legislation. Over those years, Brazilian-style has taken on a life of its own. 

    Hard work followed by a delicious Caipirinha and a bit of dancing – that's the way to be Brazilian. To celebrate the culture of Brazil, Leblon is debuting the "Be Brazilian Be Leblon" movement to bring the best of Brazil to the world. 

    Leblon founder Steve Luttmann's book How to Be a Brazilian, which features tips such as O Jeitinho Brasileiro ("The Brazilian Way"), will launch the campaign. The book will be introduced this spring in conjunction with a "Be Brazilian" video series and Leblon's new signature Caipirinha Mix.  Leblon also recently introduced a new embossed bottle, as well as Reserva Especial, a delicious luxury Cachaca aged for two years in new French oak.

    "Now that the U.S. government has recognized Cachaca, it's time for the world to discover what it means to be Brazilian without leaving the states," explains Luttmann. 

    Celebrations began at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival this past weekend with the unveiling of the new Be Brazilian Be Leblon CaipiMobile and will continue in other major cities over the next month.

    Leblon has taken the U.S. market by storm and is the newest trend in New York, Miami, California, and Chicago. Top mixologists have taken Brazil's signature drink, the Caipirinha, and created fresh and never-before-seen Leblon cocktails.

    Relax with a Caipirinha and channel a bit of Brazil: Cut half a lime into wedges and put into a rocks glass. Add two teaspoons of sugar, mash the lime and sugar with a muddler for 15 seconds, and add crushed ice up to the rim of the glass. Add two ounces of Leblon Cachaca, stir (or shake) thoroughly, and garnish with a lime wedge.

    Winner of the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and seven consecutive medals with the title "Best Cachaca" in the same competition from 2006 to 2012, Leblon is handcrafted in Minas Gerais by Master Distiller Gilles Merlet. Leader in cachaca sales in Hollywood, New York, Miami, London, and Paris, Leblon is considered by many bartenders, chefs, and spirits experts to be the best white cachaca on the market.

    To experience Leblon, a noble, pure spirit that is anything but the typical, harsh industrial cachaca, visit

    About Leblon Natural Cane Cachaca

    Leading a Brazilian invasion worldwide with its amazingly delicious, finely distilled spirit, Leblon Natural Cane Cachaca (pronounced ka-SHA-sa) is already the favorite alambique Cachaca in top venues in Brazil, where cachaca is the National Spirit. It is also the key ingredient to the Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pur-EEN-ya), the wildly popular, muddled lime cocktail and national treasure of Brazil. Winner of "Best Cachaca" a record five times, as well as an unprecedented seven consecutive gold medals from 2006 to 2012 at San Francisco's World Spirits Competition, Leblon is handcrafted and produced at the Maison Leblon in Minas Gerais, Brazil's fertile agricultural heartland.  Overseen by Gilles Merlet, one of the world's preeminent Master Distillers, Leblon's special quality is achieved with painstaking attention to every detail in the production process, from the cutting of the cane, fermentation, and distillation, to the filtering, blending, and resting in XO Cognac casks for up to six months.  The result is a lively, fruity nose with complex layers of flavor and an ultra-smooth finish that is perfect alone, mixed with fruit juice, in a traditional Caipirinha, or as a Brazilian twist to any cocktail. Leblon is available in all 50 U.S. States. (

    Read more here:!#storylink=cpy
    Posted in Food by on February 28, 2013
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