• Magazine: Motivos (1 year)
  • Magazine: Motivos (1 year)
  • Magazine: Motivos (1 year)

Jenée Chizick

Magazine: Motivos (1 year)


Motivos magazine is a bilingual magazine printed 4 times a year in English and Spanish with the goal to inspire and empower youth to explore their full potential and make informed choices about life, college, career options. Motivos contains culturally relevant content created for young people by young people. The magazine nurtures self-esteem, encourages purpose-driven career-exploration, and channels goal-setting behaviors through sections on Life, Culture, College and Careers.

Target Audience: Ages 14-24
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Jenee ChizickAbout the founder: Jenée Alicia Chizick is the founder of Motivos magazine. She has an extensive background in work at post-secondary institutions, and launched Motivos in 2006. The magazine swiftly grew from 3,500 subscribers in Pennsylvania to its current readership of 75,000 in 24 states and Puerto Rico. The company also hosts youth focused events and conducts a Summer Media Institute, offering media training to youth. Chizick has also been interviewed on
                          ABC, NBC, and Univision among other media outlets.

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