• Music: From Here to There


Music: From Here to There


Nathalia: From Here to There is a bilingual music album for children which combines Latin American and bluesy style music in English and Spanish language songs.  The songs on From Here to There are songs Nathalia composed on her guitar and had been singing to her own children and her preschool students for many years.  After parents expressed how much their children enjoyed the music, Nathalia decided to record Nathalia: From Here to There.  The name of the album reflects that the songs came from a variety of sources and inspirations.  Playing the album is a great way to expose kids to bilingual sounds and words early in life, while making the learning experience fun through great catchy music. From Rock to Cumbia, Lullabies to Reggaeton, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Songs: Hello, Animal Bop, Mi Carrito, Crazy Train, Muevete, La Semana, Los Bomberos, Mundo de Colores, Kindergarten Here I Come, Help the World
Recommended Ages: Ages 1 to 7 years old

Nathalia: Bilingual (Spanish & English) Singer SongwriterAbout Nathalia: Originally from Barranquilla Colombia singer songwriter Nathalia combines a background in music therapy with Spanish and English language learning.  Nathalia’s background includes many years of working in schools, hospitals, early childhood education, and preschools.  While singing to her children, Nathalia realized that music and song was an easy way to teach children Spanish. 

Learning music via song is something Nathalia says comes easily for children.  ‘It’s a lot more fun than sitting in class and is a lot less stressful’. In her experience as a music therapist, Nathalia says music engages different parts of the brain, and the way people process music (melody), is similar to the way we learn language.  We all remember learning our ‘ABC’s with the alphabet song!

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