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    Q&A with "Patty the Punisher": Amidst Fajitas the Biggest Secret to Losing Weight!

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    Q&A with "Patty the Punisher": Amidst Fajitas: the Biggest Secret to Losing Weight!

    Hispanics in Focus

    Posted in Hispanics in Focus by on January 02, 2013 is really excited to talk diet and healthy eating with personal trainer Patricia Jentsch-Englund from San Antonio’s, Wellfit Personal Training. Patricia is also known as “Patty the Punisher”, she’s a certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach, and was voted San Antonio’s top personal trainer! Read on – and Patty shares with us the BIGGEST secret to losing weight!

    Q. Patty, it’s a new year and many of us have some New Year’s Resolutions to adhere to with regards to a new diet!  So tell us, we latinos love our Mexican food.  What should we be eating next time we go by our favorite taco spot?  I mean, we have to eat something
    A. Well, the healthiest on the menu at a taco/Mexican spot is going to be the chicken fajitas.  And you can make this meal even healthier if you can exchange the flour tortilla that comes with the dish for a corn tortilla.

    Q. What are some other healthy things on the menu at a Latin food type of place?
    A. Chicken and black beans are the healthiest things on the menu.  As for pinto beans – well you have to be careful.  I know how my grandma used to make the pintos – with salt-pork.   So you’ve really got to ask how they are being prepared.  Even fish tacos are great, for example tilapia fish tacos are good.  Something a little lighter which may add some healthy fat, is a little light guacamole on the side. 

    Honestly, even some chips and salsa can be healthy – as long as you leave out the queso.  You can even check…many restaurants are starting to offer blue corn chips, so be sure and ask about those.  Really the issue is to eat in moderation. So a lot of other restaurants are offering blue corn chips so be aware of that.

    Some of the smaller mom and pop taco houses may still use the manteca – so you should probably ask about what your dish is cooked with, and if you’re not sure…well stick to the black beans and anything  chicken or fish that’s not fried!

    Q. Ok, so tell us – you are a pro nutritional consultant – how do we stick to that diet, and LOSE the weight?
    A. It’s all about working to eat healthier -  steadily.  A lot of people have done and are doing that flip-flop dieting. 
    Here’s what I tell people: instead of saying- “I’m going to eat clean tomorrow”.  I say – take it one meal at a time.  If you have a hard time sticking to a diet, I say – take a single meal a day and make it healthy. Instead of having the egg and bacon taco, you can ask for egg white tacos.  Some restaurants have veggie taco options.  So work making just that one meal healthy.  Even a potato and egg taco can be a good option.  So eventually the goal would be to move from one healthy meal a day –to working up to healthier all day eating.  You can even start by just changing your snack.  Instead of the snickers bar, say – “I’m going to have an apple and cottage cheese”.

    By doing that – once you get into that routine and mindset– then it’ll be easier to move that healthy eating into another meal.

    Q. Ok, so what else can we do to move that weight off?
    A. Actually, the biggest secret to start losing weight – is to start drinking water.  Amazingly, just drinking water will increase your metabolism – especially if it’s cold.  And don’t buy into that saying that you need to drink a certain amount of water.  There’s no perfect amount for everyone.  The way to figure out how much you need to drink is to take your weight – divide it by two and that’s what you should be drinking in ounces.  SO for example if weigh 150 pounds, divide that by 2.  You want to be drinking at least 75 ounces of water a day.  That’s the perfect amount for you to drink in a day.  You don’t need to drink…for example: a gallon – unless you are a triathlete – or pro athlete. 

    Q. Lastly, for those of us who are going to start a new exercise routing this year – what should we be going to shape up?
    A. Alot of people start out with overkill – they’ll say: “I’m going to wake up and exercise 2 hours today”. That’s not realistic.  If you are going to go to a gym , the first 30 minutes are the most efficient for your body.  You really only need to develop small goals. One of the most achievable things you can do is say – “I’m going to go to the gym twice a week for 30 minutes and work out”. Cardio is good if you want to lose a little weight – but if you want to maintain muscle and tone be sure and mix it up with some weights.  If you are doing cardio – be sure to use the pre-programmed machines.  Those have some great pre-programmed workouts in them.  For someone starting out – you don’t have to do 45 minutes of cardio – you can do 15-20 minutes of intensive cardio and call it a day for your cardio workout.

    Also I’d say train with another person so you can get that cross motivation.  You’ll be more likely to stick with your new workout goals! Thanks Patty!

    If you have a question for Patty related to your workout goals please post a comment and will do it’s best to get your question answered!

    You can also contact Patty directly by visiting her website at WellFIT Personal Training Group


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