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    Ricardo: On Reelection, 4 More Years...Ay Dios

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    Ricardo:On Reelection,4 More Years..Ay Dios

    Hispanics in Focus

    Posted in Hispanics in Focus by on November 12, 2012

    Four more years? Ay Dios...and I don't believe in Dios.


    Overwhelmingly good news from all around...except for the top of the ticket.


    I prefer to be good than lucky. Lucky, you be lucky once or twice. you be good, you be good pretty much forever.


    Our accidental president has been blessed by good luck. we know how his opponent in the Democratic primary for the Senate nomination and his GOP opponent in the general election each self-destructed on his path to US Senator. We know about McCain-Palin.


    Forever, his goal has been to offend nobody. And he hasn't. "Come on, bad cop/black professor: let's have a beer".

    I don't think he's offended women. Not Mexicans. Not Labor. Not the elderly. Nor the youth. He has not offended Wall Street nor the 1%. He has not offended suburban Americana, nor the religious right. He has not offended Iran, Iraq, Afghan, Putin, Li, Palestine or Israel. His goal is not to offend. A man for all seasons; all things to everyone. Give the man the Nobel Peace Prize (oh, he has that already).


    He does not offend. He offers hope. and leaves the heavy-lifting to others...


    So, we have another four years of a man who "leads from behind." What a novel concept. In Libya/Egypt he allowed European powers to lead upfront; he led from behind. And when he needed help the most, he got Hurricane Sandy. Kept jobs, the economy, Mittens, Benghazi, Iran, Iraq, the fiscal cliff off the front pages...have an opportunity to look Presidential...and have Governor of NJ put his arms around you and marvel at what a great job you're doing. "You're doing a great job, Mr. President." Tell that to the thousands still homeless, underwater, and without power.

    The Occupy Wall Street and the 1% fell into his lap...and the GOP nominates Wall Street and the 1%; the Tea Party metastizes throughout and drives Mittens to the right. How many right wingers did Mittens have to beat? Every damn one of them. But then you have the crazies in MO and IN and CT and...espousing idiocies. And the Demos, bless them, kept their mouths shut (okay, except for Joe, but I love Joe). Guilt by association, baby. Your Party goes after women, labor, mexicans, the elderly, and the poor...Hey, you may have been a great Governor of the bluest of blue states, and have peace in your heart...but your buddies are a whole bunch of bad news.


    So, I think the country lost what may have been a great executive. For the last four years, our Accidental President outsourced Wall Street to Larry Summers-Robert Rubin-Timothy Geithner. Mittens would never do that; he understands Wall Street and the financial markets. El Senor Presidente outsourced health care to Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, and he outsourced foreign policy to Hillary. He outsourced Labor and the blue collar worker to Biden. Because he prefers to lead from behind.

    Espeaking of which. I think I have four more years of "from behind."

    Cheers, all.

    Tomas Ricardo
    Tomas Ricardo is an editorial writer for



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